What we do

1) We promote youth

The Project is entirely carried out by students and young graduates in their 20s. We believe that in way too many countries opportunities for youth are becoming increasingly scarce and, therefore, competitive. As the space for us is growing narrower in today’s labour market, we created our own. We believe in competence, but we believe even more in opportunities. Coherently with this credo, we rarely ask for CVs; we prefer to see what you can do and what you would like to become. We might not like the former, but we will definitely try to help you with the latter. 


2) We fill the void in your CV left by the pandemic

Let’s be honest, nobody likes big gaps in the CV. Nobody likes the word “unemployed” when filling a new job application or during a job interview.  The disruptions caused by the pandemic have affected or halted the careers of many young professional, worsening an already unbalanced labour market. While we cannot offer a proper employment we can give you an occupation, that extra-curricular activity where you could gain work-related skills and responsibilities. You will say: ”I’m a writer”, ”I’m an illustrator”, ”I’m a social media manager”, ”I have a position of responsibility.”


3) We provide a space to test your skills and acquire experience

You can consider the Apostrophe Project as an online lab where you will have the freedom and autonomy to test your skills in the field you’d like to grow in: political science, art, communications, informatics, editing, management, administration, ect. At the same time, you’ll be constantly exposed and will grow familiar with relevant political issues and developments in the international relations field. We are always open to new contributions as long as they show competence, commitment and reliability. If you are interested in politics and you think you have skills that could be useful to the project, feel free to contact us!


4) We offer inclusiveness and flexibility

The work carried out by our team is 100% in smart working: you can complete your tasks at the pace and time you prefer as long as they meet the deadline and coherently with your university or work schedule, if present. As a consequence, we don’t have any specifical geographical requirements: our collaborators range from America to Asia, but we base our publication schedule on Central European time. 


Do you like our project? Then help us grow! Share our initiative on your social media: the more views we will have, the easier it will be for us to provide a material compensation for all the people involved in the project! 

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