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If you are a student or graduate in political science and related fields (economics, sociology, mass media, law…) and you think that your thoughts and analysis deserve to be published, contact us! Our feedback on your work is assured.

Our main topics are security, society, climate and economics. Articles that promote youth empowerment and generational understanding are also welcomed.

You can contribute to the website in two ways:

  • becoming one of the authors of the website. You will become a regular member of the team and you will produce articles / essays on a regular basis. When you apply, write ”Author” in the subject of the email .
  • becoming a freelancer for the website. You can submit articles / essays to the website whenever you want, but publication is not assured. In this case, write ”Freelancer” in the subject of the email.

In both cases, you can send your articles to our Project Manager at We also accept summaries, as long as they are thorough and representative of the final content of your work.

Ideally, the articles shouldn’t be longer than 1000 words, but the lenght can be modified up to a maximum of 1300 words if the insight of the topic requires it. This is the case of very detailed analyses of the most pressing political issues.

Don’t forget to quote your sources, possibly through hyperlinks if they are online sources, through Chicago style (Author, year) if they are not with the necessary bibliography at the end of the article.



For any queries don’t esitate to contact us at


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