Our Mission


We are an international team of students and graduates with three objectives in mind.

As the apostrophe is what remains after part of a word is cut off, we want to help all those young students and graduates whose projects and jobs have been seriously affected by the current global pandemic, giving them a way to grow in the field while safely remaining home.

As the apostrophe is something that unites more words, we want to empower youth by creating contacts, networks and, in general, a platform where young students and graduates in political science and related fields can collaborate and improve their skills together.

As the apostrophe is something that is often omitted and forgotten, we want to give all those young adults that never found a place to express themselves a platform where they can gain exposure and confidence.

This is not a news website. Here we care about what you think.


You matter. Youth matters.



Laura Morazzini, Founder



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